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Repairing machine elements

Industrial driving mechanisms have an important role in the production processes. They have to meet an infinite diversity of users’ requirements and a high degree of reliability within their long operational periods.
Minimum maintenance is a key requirement. For the factory staff it is a basic aim to utilise the driving units in an optimum way, with maximum reliability and efficiency. Breakdown of a driving mechanism would cause a considerable fall in production and a financial loss on the entire production line.
Preventive maintenance can minimise expensive outages, increase reliability and drastically reduce costs.


Our experienced staff undertakes to repair driving mechanisms, pumps, driving mechanism housings and covers in case of surface damage, porosity, corrosion, damaged housing and damage caused by rolling bearings.

Repair of worn bearing blocks, dividing planes of split driving mechanism housings, prevention of the rolling of bearings and repair of worn shafts (of circular cross-section).

We also repair axial damage in bearings and worn-out keyways on shafts.