Dear Visitors,
We would like to draw your kind attention to the possibilities offered by our manufacturing plant producing mainly toothed elements and components.
The tooth gear is one of the most frequently used machine elements, and drive mechanisms are used in all vehicles and plants all over the world. And our Company has outstanding experiences in the manufacturing, maintenance and renewal of just these products.
Having transformed from the one-time Diósgyőr Machine Factory, our Company has a manufacturing and designing experience of more than 85 years coupled with the production capacity of more than 60 machine tools and the excellent professional expertise of our production staff operating them.
We are readily available to manufacture any component designed by yourselves or handed over to us as a sample piece and to re-design and manufacture possibly damaged parts and components.
Our quality management system guarantees the high-standard service that we render to our customers, the identification of their expressed and latent demands and the meeting of these demands, through which, hopefully, as well as in accordance with our experiences so far, we can achieve the satisfaction of our customers.