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Gear is one of the most frequently used machine elements, and drive gear is found in almost all vehicles and plants in the world. Our company has excellent experiences in the manufacturing, maintenance and renewal of these products.
Formed from the late Diósgyőri Gépgyár (Diósgyőr Machine Factory), our company’s more than 85 years’ experience in manufacturing and designing is coupled with the production capacity of more than 60 processing machines and the excellent professional preparedness of the colleagues operating them.
Our prepared team searching for continuous challenges is at your service with pleasure in the designing of reconstruction and manufacturing of parts designed by you, or handed over in the form of sample pieces, or possibly damaged parts. We can ensure on-site survey and on-site consultation for our partners, if needed.


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Our plant was one of the leading plant units of the Diósgyőri Gépgyár (DIGEP) which meant the master factory of the Hungarian machine engineering in the period.  Toothing of the machine elements and other parts produced by DIGEP was done in our plant, independently of whether it was installed in a gun or a precision machine tool.

Similarly to other Hungarian large enterprises, DIGEP also divided into several smaller, specialized parts at the beginning of the 90ies.

Our company was also separated at that time and brought along the special knowledge of manufacturing of toothed part.


Our company’s management has been renewed during the recent years. In parallel with this, young colleagues who have gained practice at multinational companies arrived in addition to our existing professionals having much experience and knowledge.

We expanded further our machining capacity which already then covered all operations necessary for the production of toothed parts.

Thus we became able to meet the needs for unit, small and medium series production arisen at our partners.

In accordance with our partners’ and employees’ demands, we fully renewed a production hall of 2400 m2 area, into which we moved all our machines (more than 70 pieces) and our relevant service mechanisms.

As a result of the moving, we already can provide dedicated areas to the various technological groups, e.g. CNC, measuring room, quality control, drive gear assembling and renewing sections.


On the basis of the continuous monitoring and analysis of the market and partner demands, we began the designing and terrain correction works of the second phase of our new production hall handed over in 2019.

In parallel with the development of the production area, we develop also the office building, ensuring place for future blue collar and white collar colleagues.

By this expansion we will be able to widen further our product portfolio and cooperate with a larger partner, multinational company as well which requires deep integration.

Our quality policy

We aim at achieving and ensuring the satisfaction of our old and new partners.
In accordance with it, we define our quality assurance objectives, modernise our quality management system which we continuously develop further in harmony with the development of the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2001 standard.
Each employee of our company undertakes responsibility for the quality of the work done by them. They are obliged to work at their best to accomplish the quality aims and participate actively in the improvement of quality of our production processes.


MSZ EN ISO 9001:2015