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Our expert design team pays special attention to those quality requirements which determine the life and operability of our products and during their work they combine the several decades’ practical knowledge with the technology of the present era, 3D CAD modelling processes and application of mechanical simulation testing technology, whether it is necessary to manufacture,
– gear
– toothed shaft
– bevel gear
– worm-wheel
designed by you or handed over in the form of sample pieces, or design and implement the reconstruction of damaged (worn or broken) parts.
We undertake digitalisation of paper drawings of machine elements for the purpose of manufacturing and archiving, in accordance with the specification of the actual task.
Beyond all these, we undertake to prepare technical documentations by means of CAD software programs from paper based technical drawing, or its digital photo.
Furthermore, we undertake fault detection of transmissions of agricultural machines or implements, manufacture of parts necessary for the repair and repair of the transmission, or renewal of the transmission if necessary.

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