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With the toothing machines included in our machine stock, we can manufacture the following gear types and teeth dimensions:

– straight toothed and helical, spur gears
· m=0,5-22; z=5-450; Ø=10-2000 mm

–  fgear-tooth grinding
· m=2-14; z=10-140; Ø=40-800 mm

– internal geared wheels
· m=0,5-12; z=12-500; Ø=30-1300 mm

– milling and grinding of gear-toothed bars
· m=1-16; hossz=2000 mm

– straight bevel gears
· m=1-24; z=10-200; Ra=143-625 mm; β=0-30

– spiral bevel gears (Fiat)
· m=2-9; z=12-170; Ra=max 200 mm

– tooth milling and thread grinding of worm-gear drives
· worm-wheel: m=2-16; Ø=30-500 mm
· worm shaft: m=1-22; Ø=5-324 mm; l=10-1200 mm

– double-helical toothing

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