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Cylindrical gears with external / internal gearing

Gear shaping – externalGear shaping – internalGear cuttingGear grindingGear grinding
module (m)0,5-220,5-121-222-102-14
number of teeth (z)6-45012-5005-32410-12010-140
Workpiece diameter (D)10-180030-130010-200060-30040-800
Max.tooth length (b)42520052080210
Profile angle (ß)0-6000-450-450-45
Class of accuracy77756


Milling and grinding of gear racks

Gear rackmodule1-162000 mm


Straight tooth, helical and spiral bevel gears

Gear shaping – straightGear shaping – straight/helicalGear cuttingSpiral bevel gear (FIAT)
module (m)0,5-81-24max 82-8
Number of teeth (z)10-20010-2006-10012-170
Crown wheel radius (Ra)63-250143-625max 157max 200
Profile angle (ß)00-300
Class of accuracy7868


Gear shaping and thread grinding of worm gearings

Worm wheelWorm shaft
module (m)2-161-22
w.p. Ø (D)30-5005-324
length (l)10-1200
Class of accuracy76


Herringbone gearings