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Our Company’s whole range of machining capacity from the 5-axis simultaneous machining to the grinding of special tools performed with a fleet of some 60 machining units is fully available to our Customers.
In respect of manufacturing toothed products we can make spur gears up to a diameter of 2200 mm, using generating milling and our gear cutting tool set of 6800 tools. We apply the:
– gear shaper cutter (FELLOWS)
– multi rib gear shaper (MAAG)
– worm gear (PFAUTER)
technologies, or, in the case of a form-copying method, we also use:
– milling
– broaching
– planing.
We also make bevel gears with straight gears using:
– single-tool
technology, or with spiral bevel gears using:
– circular arc (GLEASON)
– spiral disc (OERLIKON)
– bevel worm wheel milling (KLINGELNBERG)
technology, for the manufacturing of components of spur-geared and bevel-geared industrial type driving mechanisms.
We undertake to manufacture specially designed gear racks with a ground finish, and worm-gear reducers, worms, worm wheels, splined shafts and sprocket wheels.
The manufacturing of other ground products can be supported by utilising the manufacturing capacity of our CNC cylindrical grinders, surface grinding machines and thread grinding machines and also by making the excellent professional knowledge of our operations staff available.
Our other machine tools are:
– CNC and traditional lathes
– CNC, 5-axis DMG Mori DMU 80 P machining-centre with a high loadability table that makes it possible for us to manufacture heavy components requiring high-precision machining.